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Digitract 4

2-4 Zone Two Stage

Digitract 4 is an economical auto changeover 2 – 4 zone single or two stage controller perfect for residential applications or smaller commercial zoning systems
DIGITRACT 4  is available for Gas/Electric 2H, 2C or Heat Pump applications 3H, 2C with integrated Fossil Fuel control requiring no additional relays or wiring
DIGITRACT 4  includes a fully adjustable Leaving Air Sensor  for Capacity Control which protects the coil from freezing and the heat exchanger from premature failure

Number of Zones 2-4

System Data     Residential/Light Commercial Two Stage with Fossil Fuel
Auto Changeover    Yes
Capacity Control    Yes
Heat Pump or Gas/Electric    Universal
Wire Configuration    Home Run
Damper Configuration    Round & Rectangular
Damper Movement    Two Position
Damper Capacity    .5″ SP
Number of Cool Stages    2
Number of Heat Stages   2 and 3rd Stage with
Auxiliary/Emergency Heat
Remote Sensor Capability   Yes
Remote Internet Communications No