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Controls to help you compete


Manage system operations from a single HUB, no PC or internet connection required

  • Changeover bypass or VVT type system
  • Control one zoned unit (VRF or constant velocity) up to 20 zone dampers per unit or control 20 standalone units
  • Color LCD touchscreen stats
  • Manage the entire system from a central HUB, 4 daily schedules, holiday/vacation, lock, set points, FDD & ADR compatibility, and much more


Don’t pull the dampers! Update old VVT or VariTrac zoning systems -
a simple, low-cost system upgrade

  • Update/retrofit older VVT type zoning systems using existing dampers and most of the existing wiring
  • RetroZone is available either as a communicating system (GEN X) or non-communicating (GEN V)


VVT with remote internet access via mobile app from
ANYWHERE (Android, Apple, or web browser)

  • Remotely access 1 or multiple VVT, zoned systems or stand-alone equipment, generic loads (lights, pumps, fans and more) from ANYWHERE!
  • Control 20 zones per unit or network up to 400 zones or thermostats
  • Includes BACnetIP, ADR, & FDD
  • Priced to help you compete!


Streamline and simplify VRF installations
Providing the benefits of VAV with the efficiency of VRF technology

  • Reduce equipment and installation costs
  • Minimize long complex refrigerant lines, condensate lines, and electrical circuits
  • Innovative Smart Air Valves operate like an indoor unit without affecting VRF operation


Remotely control 1-400 stand alone RTU or split systems over the internet from your phone or mobile device

  • Network stand alone HVAC equipment
  • Control temperature set points, monitor RA/SA temperatures from each unit
  • Control generic loads, signage, parking lot lights or exhaust fans and scheduling remotely
  • “Pincher” or floating zone system prevents over-heating and over-cooling of individual or stand alone zones
  • An auto changeover programmable thermostat that communicates to a fully modulating round or rectangular damper
  • Supplemental or auxiliary heat capability

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