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What Is Zoning?

Cooling Savings

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, “Zoning systems can save up to 29% on cooling and 28% on heating costs when used with set-up/back thermostats.”

Nationally syndicated columnist James Dulley reports,   “By installing a zoning system, there is no need for   anyone to be uncomfortably hot or cold.”

Our residential DIGI3UE DigiTract 4and GEN II-R are low cost Zoning Systems designed for HVAC systems 5 tons and under. Perfect for multi-level and ranch style homes.

GEN UC fills a large and profitable void between programmable thermostats and expensive complex energy management systems.

Communicate on-site or remotely with gas/electric or heat pump units.  Quickly and easily manage multiple rooftops on-site, from corporate headquarters or any remote location. GEN UC remotely manages communicating thermostats used with our zoning systems or individual HVAC units to control and monitor your system with a free mobile app.

Heating Savings

How it all works

In most homes you will find only one thermostat controlling the comfort levels for the entire house. This thermostat is usually located in a hallway and will keep the hallway at the temperature you set while other areas of the home range from too hot to too cold. Zoning allows a thermostat in each room (or zone) for individual temperature control.


Benefits of zone control

  1. Provides room by room comfort control.
  2. Reduces equipment run time.
  3. Eliminates hot/cold rooms.
  4. Works with conventional air conditioning units, furnaces, and heat pumps.
  5. Allows you to heat or cool only the areas you want, when you want.
  6. Saves energy and reduces utility bills.

The Difference with Zonex Systems

Our zoning systems allow every room to be set with a different heating and cooling set-point. Your air conditioning system will supply exactly what each room requires to maintain its temperature setting. You can even turn off rooms that are not in use to save energy!

With a single story home, your comfort is at the mercy of the sun. As the sun beats down on one side of your home, it heats up the rooms on that side of the house. To complicate matters further, the sun’s progression through the course of the day means different rooms will be affected as the day goes on.

Because heat rises in multi-level homes, there can be significant differences between temperatures on each level. One thermostat cannot maintain desired temperatures, and air demands change as we go from heating to cooling.

There may be some areas of your home that require very little conditioned air. A rarely used spare bedroom or office may only need heating or cooling when it is occupied. A Zonex System gives you the ability to turn off a zone . This allows your system to direct the cooling or heating where it is needed in your home, economically.

Zonex Systems is the solution to these problems. A zoning system will enhance the comfort in each room of your home or office and provide you with the type of comfort and control you expect from your heating and cooling system.

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