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Using WIRED Thermostats and Mobile App Based Remote Access

Mobile App Based Simple Low Cost VVT
Control 2 – 20 Zones per RTU or Split System
Total Flexibility – With Wired Thermostats

Temperature, set points, generic loads, system settings, schedules, alarming AND MORE
From one or hundreds of thermostats, REMOTELY!

Number of Zones

2-20 Per RTU or Split System, up to 400 zones

Commercial System
System Data     Simple Low Cost VVT
Auto Changeover    Yes
Capacity Control    Yes
Heat Pump or Gas/Electric    Universal
Wire Configuration    Wired Thermostat
Damper Configuration    Round & Rectangular
Damper Movement    Fully Modulating
Damper Capacity    1.75 / .5″ SP
Number of Cool Stages    2
Number of Heat Stages   2
Remote Sensor Capability   Yes
Remote Internet Communications Yes
Access via Computer, Phone, Tablet Mobile App Yes
Automated Demand Response (ADR) Compatible
Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) Yes
BACnet Not Supported