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Easy Upgrade for Old VVT or Parker Systems

UPDATE old, obsolete VVT systems without removing the DAMPERS!!!!

  • Designed specifically for retrofitting Older VVT type systems using existing dampers and most of the existing wiring
  • RetroZone  greatly reduces cost of labor and parts and allows building tenants  to enjoy the benefits and efficiency of updating older systems at a lower price
  • RetroZone  works with any of our commercial Zoning or DDC Systems

Review this simple upgrade now

Number of Zones 2-20

System Data     Commercial – DDC
Auto Changeover    Yes
Capacity Control    Yes
Heat Pump or Gas/Electric    Univeral
Wire Configuration    Daisy Chain
2 Wire Twisted Pair
Damper Configuration    Round & Rectangular
Damper Movement    Fully Modulating
Damper Capacity    1.75 SP
Number of Cool Stages    2
Number of Heat Stages   2
Remote Sensor Capability   Yes
Remote Internet Communications Yes

System Overview & Diagrams


Video Presentations

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