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Modulating ceiling diffuser controlled with Wireless stat


Modulating ceiling diffuser
Controlled with WIRELESS stat

SWD-Kit is designed for over conditioned areas and prevents overheating and overcooling of individual and stand-alone zones in commercial applications.

The system is a wireless stand-alone, microprocessor based, auto changeover control, equipped with fully modulating WD-Fuser, SubZone Thermostat and duct sensor.

The SubZone is a 7-day programmable battery powered auto changeover communicating thermostat that communicates via an RF wireless signal to a communicating damper control module located on a fully modulating WD-Fuser.

The Auto changeover operation allows the SubZone thermostat to change from a cooling to a heating thermostat automatically. A duct sensor is included and installed upstream of the WD-Fuser to determine the temperature in the duct.

This combination damper – diffuser is equipped with a fluidic nozzle providing each zone with exceptional temperature control and maximum comfort.  The WD-Fuser utilizes fluidic principles to maximize the Coanda effect. As room load varies, the WD-Fuser modulates to control the flow of supply air, maintaining the smoothest possible flow of air, coupled with the greatest ceiling attachment.

The WD-Fuser can be used with duct sizes of 6”, 7”, 8”, 9” or 10”. Order the collar size to fit appropriate duct size for the application.

The SubZone Wireless Controller is also equipped with an Auxiliary contact to control a field supplied supplemental heating source.