GEN II – Simple Low Cost VVT
Control 2 – 17 Fully Modulating Zones per RTU or Split System
GEN II  is recognized as the Industry’s easiest zone control system to install and wire.
Daisy chain wiring is utilized to simplify installation and ONLY 1 – 100 VA transformer
powers all dampers in the system,
GEN II  includes an On – Board Diagnostic
that leads the contractor to wiring errors in seconds
Commercial HVAC contractors are always searching for a competitive advantage.
For a simple, low cost fully modulating VAV control system
capable of controlling 2 – 17 zones, GEN II is your advantage
LCD Color statssss

Number of Zones 2-17

System Data    Commercial – Simple
Low Cost VVT
Auto Changeover    Yes
Capacity Control   Yes
Heat Pump or Gas/Electric    Universal
Wire Configuration    Daisy Chain
2 Wire Twisted Pair
Damper Configuration    Round & Rectangle
Damper Movement    Fully Modulating
Damper Capacity    1.75 SP
Number of Cool Stages    2
Number of Heat Stages    2
Remote Sensor Capability   Yes
Remote Internet Communications    No