Zonex Systems DIGI4 is a Two Stage Control System for 2 to 4 zones

DIGI4 is an economical auto changeover 2 – 4 zone single or two stage controller, perfect for residential applications or smaller commercial zoning systems.

The DIGI4 is available for
Gas/Electric 2H, 2C or
Heat Pump applications 3H, 2C.

The DIGI4 includes a fully adjustable Leaving Air Sensor for capacity control which protects the coil from freezing and  the heat exchanger from premature failure.
The Heat Pump Controller includes an integrated Fossil Fuel control requiring no additional relays or wiring.

A complete DIGI4 System consists of the following components:

1. GE or HP Controller Capacity Control (included)
2. Zone Dampers
3. Barometric Bypass
4. Zone Thermostats (Field Supplied)
5. 40 VA Transformer (Field Supplied)