Zonex Systems DIGI3 is an economical auto changeover 2 or 3 zone controller, perfect forResidential New Construction or smaller zoning systems.

The DIGI3 is a universal controller that is field configurable for
Gas/Electric or Heat Pump applications.

The DIGI3 provides Emergency Heat control and an optional Leaving Air Sensor for capacity control
which protects the coil from freezing and the heat exchanger from premature failure.

A complete DIGI3 System
Consists of the following components:
1. DIGI3 Universal GE/HP Controller
2. Capacity Control
3. Zone Dampers
4. Barometric Bypass
5. Zone Thermostats (Field Supplied) For G/E stats  for G/E application.
Use Heat Pump thermostat on Zone 1 and Gas/Electric Thermostats on Zones 2 and 3
6. 40 VA Transformer (Field Supplied)